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This page covers basic information about the quests found in Diablo and Hellfire. See the individual quest pages for full details about each quest.

SP and MP Differences[edit]

In multiplayer Diablo, The Butcher, the Curse of King Leoric, Archbishop Lazarus, and Diablo are the only four quests available, and all four are found in every game. (The Skeleton King and Lazarus are found in every game, but their special levels are gone and they are simply found on level 3 and 15, respectively.)

Multiplayer Hellfire adds five quests (listed below), with a sixth hidden quest that can be activated with the command.txt file. All are found in the the added Hive and Crypt levels, or used to enter into them. Hellfire does not add to or modify any of the quests that are found in the 1-16 dungeon levels of Diablo.

Single Player Quest Randomization[edit]

The quests found in single player games of Diablo and Hellfire are sorted into six groups. Three quests are found in every game, while the rest are found in 50% or 67% of games, depending on which group they are slotted into.

Quest Rewards[edit]

The specific rewards are listed on the individual quest pages.

Multiplayer quests in Diablo award just a random magical item which is dropped when the quest monster: The Butcher, The Skeleton King, and Lazarus. Diablo must be killed to complete the final quest in the game, but he does not drop a magical item as a reward. (Diablo drops like any random monster, and will occasionally drop an item or gold. Despite the game freezing at that point, his drop can be picked up if you have a Telekinesis spell already cast and ready to click.)

Multiplayer quests added in Hellfire include item rewards from The Hork Demon (a magical amulet), and Na-Krul (A book of Apocalypse and a magical: staff, great sword, and long war bow, all with random properties). These are dropped directly by the monsters themselves and belong to whichever player is quicker on the click.

Single player quests in Diablo and Hellfire add more interesting rewards, usually in the form of unique items. These may be found in the dungeons as part of the quests, dropped by the quest monsters themselves, or delivered to you by NPCs in town. All of these unique items are found only in the single player game, and can not be legitimately obtained in multiplayer mode. See the Quest Items page for a full listing.