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Unique items found during quests or given as quest rewards. All these items are found only in the single player game. All these items are listed on the various Unique item pages and the quest pages, but are collected here for convenience.

Diablo Quests[edit]

The Butcher[edit]

Image Name Properties

The Butcher's Cleaver

Damage: 4-24
+10 to Strength
Altered Durability
Unusual Item Damage (4-24)
Durability: 10
Requirements: None

Poisoned Water Supply[edit]

Image Name Properties
D1-u-ring-truth.gif Ring of Truth

+10 Hitpoints
-1 Damage from Enemies
+10% Resist All

The Curse of King Leoric[edit]

Image Name Properties

The Undead Crown

5% Life Stealing
Armor Class: 8
Durability: 60
Requirements: None

Ogden's Sign[edit]

Image Name Properties

Harlequin Crest

+2 all Attributes
Armor Class: -3
-1 Damage from Enemies
+7 Hitpoints
+7 Mana
Durability: 15
Requirements: None

The Magic Rock[edit]

Image Name Properties
D1-u-empyrean-band.gif Empyrean Band

+2 to all Attributes
+20% Light Radius
Fast Hit Recovery
Absorbs Half of Trap Damage


Image Name Properties

Arkaine's Valor
Ring Mail

Armor Class: 25
+10 to Vitality
-3 Damage from enemies
Fastest hit recovery
Durability: 40
Requirements: None

Halls of the Blind[edit]

Image Name Properties
D1-u-optic-amulet.gif Optic Amulet

+20% to Light Radius
+20% Resist Lightning
-1 Damage from Enemies
+5 to Magic

Anvil of Fury[edit]

Image Name Properties

Griswold's Edge
Broad Sword

Damage: 4-12
+1-10 Fire Damage
+25% Chance to Hit
Fast Attack
Knocks Target Back
+20 Mana
-20 Hit Points
Durability: 50
Requirements: 40 strength


Image Name Properties

Veil of Steel
Great Helm

Armor Class: 18
+50% Resist All
-20% Light Radius
+60% Armor
-30 Mana
+15 Strength
+15 Vitality
Durability: 60
Requirements: None

Hellfire Quests[edit]

Farmer's Orchard[edit]


Item: Auric Amulet

  • Enables up to 10,000 gold per inventory space.

The Jersey's Jersey[edit]


Item: Bovine Plate

  • (Plate Mail)
  • Armor Class: 150
  • +50% light radius
  • +30% resist all
  • -5 damage from enemies
  • -2 to all spell levels
  • -50 mana
  • Required: 50 Strength
  • Durability: Indestructible