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This page holds general information about SuperUnique monsters in Diablo and Hellfire. See the individual monster pages for their full stats and other detailed information.

Bugs and Oddities[edit]

There are a number of oddities and bugs found when examining the stats and attributes of SuperUnique monsters in Diablo and Hellfire. Jarulf details these nicely, and the following is taken from Jarulf's Guide, section 5.4. Jarulf presents all of the SuperUnique monsters in one huge table, while this wiki places them on individual pages by monster type, but the stats and figures presented in this section of the wiki are taken directly from Jarulf's compilation.

Unique monsters[edit]

Unique monsters always appear on a specific dlvl and are based on one of the normal monsters. They can also have a special ability (attack type) not normally available to that monster. Often, especially on the earlier levels, they have a group of normal monsters (a mob in the tables) around them. The monsters of that mob also have the same special ability as their boss and have their HP doubled (after any modification for difficulty level). Any stat not given in the unique monster tables is identical to that of the monster it is based on. Generally, any information given in chapter 5.1 also applies to unique monsters unless stated otherwise below.


This is the monster the unique monster is based on. Unless otherwise changed, it has all the stats and abilities of the monster it is based on.

Attack type[edit]

This will list the attack type of the unique monster (and its followers). It will be in italic if it differ from the normal attack type for that monster For information about attack types, see chapter 5.3.3. Most unique monsters that appear in quests have their own special attack type. It is normally related to the attack type the monster normally has but may have some differences. They are noted as special in the tables below.


If the unique monster has a mob of normal monsters around it, it is listed here. Otherwise the unique monster will be alone.

Dungeon level[edit]

This is the dlvl the unique monster will appear on. It cannot appear on any other dlvl, and it will only (and always) appear if the monster it is based on is present on the dlvl.

Monster level[edit]

Note that unique monsters have two different mlvl. One is used for combat and experience point award (battle), and one is used for item generation of items dropped by the unique monster (item). The mlvl used for combat and experience points follow one of the following two formulas:

mlvlunique = 2·dlvl
mlvlunique = mlvlnormal + 5

The lower formula is only used for certain unique monsters in quests. It should be apparent from the table which of the two formulas was used. For item generation the mlvl of a unique monsters is equal to the mlvl of the monster it is based on. Both mlvl are listed in the tables below to avoid confusion. Most unique monsters receive the normal +15/+30 addition to their mlvl on nightmare and hell difficulty. However, some special monsters receive this bonus twice. Apart from some of the special monsters (see chapter 5.2.2 and 5.2.4), this is also true for Arch-Bishop Lazarus, Blackjade and Red Vex).

Hit points[edit]

The HP in the tables below are for Diablo. For Hellfire, you should add 49 for nightmare and 97 for hell difficulty (99 and 197 in multi player). All unique monsters have more Hit Points than normal monsters of their type. The number of Hit Points for unique monsters is always the same and never varies within a range like for normal monsters.


All unique monsters do more damage than normal monsters. The listed value shows the range of the damage.

Resistance and immunity[edit]

Unlike normal monsters, unique monsters have the same resistances and immunities on all three difficulty levels. For an explanation on how resistance and immunity is shown, see chapter 5.1.

Experience points[edit]

Experience points given for killing a unique monster follows that of normal monsters (see chapter 5.1). The base experience for a unique monster is twice that of a normal monster. However, there seems to be a bug with experience points for unique monsters. The calculations for nightmare and hell difficulty increase and seem to be applied twice. This will in most cases mean the experience points will overflow and wrap around (maximum base experience points is 65535). For that reason, I have not given any base experience points for unique monsters.

Armor Class and To Hit[edit]

Generally, a unique monster has the same AC and To Hit as a normal monster. There are exceptions, though, where the unique monster can get a different AC or a different To Hit (but never both). Due to a bug, this changed AC and To Hit is not updated for difficulty level, and will thus be the same on all difficulties.