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These it.

Inherent Skill



Stats and Attributes

A collection of useful stats and figures for the Warrior. Refer to the Diablo Characters page to see these figures, and others, in tables for easy comparison between the six character classes of Diablo and Hellfire.

Start Values Max Values
Max Values (Equipped) *
Diablo / Hellfire **
Life: 70
Mana: 10
Strength: 30
Dexterity: 20
Vitality: 25
Life: 316
Mana: 98
Strength: 250
Dexterity: 60
Vitality: 100
Life: 796 / 916
Mana: 533 / 568
Strength: 425 / 485
Magic: 225 / 285
Dexterity: 225 / 285
Vitality: 265 / 325
To/Hit: 392
AC: 349 / 401

Per Level Up: ***

  • Life: + 2 per Vitality
  • Mana: + 1 per Magic

Per Attribute point:

  • 1 Vitality = 2 life
  • 1 Magic = 1 mana
  • * Not all maximum values can be achieved at once. Each value is only attainable by devoting all of your equipment to that particular attribute or statistic.
  • ** Hellfire maximum values are higher for the Rogue, Warrior, and Sorcerer since new uniques added in Hellfire make possible much higher attribute levels. The values for mana and life do not include the unique jewelry that transfers life to mana, or vice versa.
  • *** No life or mana increases are granted at level 50.

Rogue Tactics


Melee Combat




Bow Strategy


Spell Support


Bow Damage Limitation


Rogue Lore

Rogue concept art.


Rogues returned in Diablo II, as the main NPCs of Act One. It was their monastery through which the Dark Wanderer passed, waking demons and calling forth Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish, to corrupt and defile the Sisters and their stronghold. Rogues can be hired as mercenaries in Act One, and as part of the game fiction players learn that the rogue character from Diablo I returned to the Monastery and was corrupted, eventually becoming Blood Raven, a demon archer you must defeat in one of the earliest quests in Diablo II.

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