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The Iron Wolves are the mercenaries of Act Three. They are mages, and their dress and equipment is reminiscent of what the Sorcerer wore in Diablo. Their spell casting animation is also similar, but sadly their results are not, and they are the least powerful of the four types of mercenaries available in Diablo II. This isn't entirely their fault, since their damage comes from their low level spells, rather than their weapons. A poor character might actually get more damage and effect from an Iron Wolf than one of the other types of mercs, since the others are only powerful when well equipped, while an Iron Wolf can do his thing with no equipment at all.

Iron Wolves are hired by Asheara, who is not just their employer, but the leader of their clan. She does not dress the part, preferring a leather bikini, but with leadership comes some perks.

Several of the Iron Wolves can be seen wandering around town, presumably providing security against the monsters of the jungle. In earlier versions of Diablo II the Iron Wolf always found near the stash would occasionally wander across the bridge, and would engage in combat with any monsters near enough to the town gates to draw his eye. This bug seems to have been fixed since the v1.09 patch, though.

See the Iron Wolves section of the Mercenaries page for more details about the abilities of these fellows when hired for combat.



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