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Ormus is an aged, wacky, but wise and powerful wizard NPC found in the Kurast Docks. Quotes from himself and several other NPCs imply that he is actually extremely powerful as a mage. His dialogues are rambling and half-mad, but there is information and truth in them, and he proves lucid enough to use the Skatsimi dagger as part of a ward to protect the docks from the half-sentient, encroaching jungle.

Ormus gives a couple of quests and quest rewards, and in D2X he is the most popular NPC merchant in Act Three, simply because he is the closest to the waypoint and town portal locations, and thus the most convenient to trade with. His wares are less popular to purchase, but he is the classic magical potion seller, and his inventory includes a few types of armor, along with staves, wands, scepters, scroll and tomes, and mana and health potions.


Back so soon? Don't be ashamed. Even Ormus knows that the fires of Hell would wilt any man resolve.
Good day.
Good evening.
Good morning.
Good to see you.
Good to see you again.
Hail to you, champion.
I need your help.
Thank you.
Welcome, avenger.
What can I do for you?
What do you need?
Your presence honors me.



You now speak to Ormus.
He was once a great mage, but now lives like a rat in a sinking vessel. You have questions for Ormus and doubt in yourself. Ormus sees a strange dichotomy in you... as he does in all would-be heroes.
Speak to him and he may grant you wisdom in turn. Or turn from him and seek wisdom in thyself.

Paladin only

You now speak to Ormus, good Paladin.
He was once a great mage, but now lives like a rat in a sinking vessel. You have questions for Ormus and doubt in yourself. Ormus sees a strange dichotomy in you... as he does in all would-be heroes.
Speak to him and he may grant you wisdom in turn. Or turn from him and seek wisdom in thyself.

The Golden Bird[edit]

After Activation (Unused)

Ku Y'leh, in searching for immortal youth, found only an early death. His apprentices, seeking to live forever, burned his body in order to derive benefit from his ashes.


Ormus remembers the tale of Ku Y'leh. That venerable sage forgot that there is no life beyond death. There is only life.
Once prolonged unnaturally, it can become a living hell.

Completion (Unused)

If Alkor can make you a potion to live after death, use it wisely. Few mortals ever get a second chance at destiny.

Blade of the Old Religion[edit]

After Activation

Ormus is familiar with the Gidbinn. But how would a powerful Skatsimi artifact aid an unbeliever like you?


If we are to have peace from the shadow, you must find the weapon which will destroy the Light.


You have done well, noble hero. Ormus congratulates you. The old spirits of Skatsim will watch over you for returning their sacred blade.
Now, after all these years, Ormus will once again use his powers to protect the innocent from the shadow. The spell that protects the dockside shall now be reinforced.


This magic ring does me no good.
Here... Wear it proudly!

Lam Esen's Tome[edit]

After Activation

The Children of Zakarum believe that the Black Book is filled with blasphemous heresy. In truth, the book may contain the secrets to our ultimate redemption.


Even if you find the sacred Book, you must still traverse the jungle of meaning within it. That journey could prove to be far more perilous.

Return (with Lam Esen's Tome)

Why is the Black Book of Lam Esen like a coffin? Simple. Each holds the shape of our future.

The Blackened Temple[edit]

Ormus gives this quest.


You have done well, my friend. Your courage and valor are an inspiration to us all.
But now the time has come to face those responsible for the evil that has stifled our land. You must destroy the High Council of Zakarum!
Long ago, these elders were charged with the stewardship of Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, who was imprisoned within the Guardian Tower.
Through the generations, these pious men slowly fell more and more under the sway of Mephisto's malevolent power and the Council became an evil mockery of its former glory.
It is Mephisto's Hatred that has corrupted Zakarum and turned its devout followers into paranoid fanatics. That is why you must travel to the Temple City of Travincal and slay the Council.
Once they are gone, Mephisto's hold over this land and its people will be broken!

After Activation

You must know that the Guardian Tower in the Temple City was built by the Horadrim for one purpose - to hold Mephisto. Once the Council is dead, you may enter the Tower.


If you die on this quest, I will commemorate your sacrifice in an epic poem. You will not need a potion to achieve immortality. Ormus' words will do that.


Ormus is grateful to you, stranger. You have broken the long, dark reign of Zakarum and delivered the first paralyzing blow against the Three.
Yet still, the true test lies ahead. For he whom the Council guarded still lives within the Blackened Tower.

The Guardian[edit]

Most NPCs have two sets of dialogues during this quest. The default is seen when a character has already completed the Lam Esen's Tome quest and/or the Khalim's Will quest. The alternate (more commonly seen by players) is delivered if those quests have not yet been completed (and the Black Book is still missing and/or the Zakarum are still a threat).


Diablo and Baal have surely found the Temple City by now. They seek to free their Brother, Mephisto, who was imprisoned by the Horadrim in the Temple's Guardian Tower.
You must reach him before his Brothers do and prevent them from releasing Hatred upon the world.

After Activation

Make haste! Though the Three are sure to reunite, it is uncertain as to what they have planned once they do.
Be cautious, my friend. Though you are mighty, no mortal can stand alone against the power of the Prime Evils.


I understand that the great Patriarch of Zakarum, Sankekur, now embodies Mephisto.
You must overcome Hatred lest Terror and Destruction claim us all!

Return (Lam Esen's Tome quest wasn't completed)

I am loath to describe what will happen if Diablo and Baal release Mephisto.


You have defeated a Prime Evil in combat. Ormus is impressed beyond words. But staying here will not end this conflict.
You must enter the Infernal Gate and stop Diablo once and for all.



Your salvation can only be reached through Hatred. A strange fate, but a true one.
How does one destroy Destruction? How does one force Terror to flee in fear? You have great tasks ahead of you, Ormus thinks.
The Church of Light harbors the darkest shadow of all. Tread lightly.
When speaking of the dead, it is best to remain cryptic.
The Travincal can be breached by the loss of one's wits, not by the use of them.

About Alkor

Alkor is able to explain things much more clearly than Ormus.

About Asheara

Asheara is both proud and self-conscious of her womanhood.

About Deckard Cain

Deckard Cain... Ormus has no time for the last son of the Horadrim. Pride led that holy Order to failure.

About Hratli

Hratli suspects that Ormus is a mage. He can suspect whatever he wants, Ormus will not show him the true magic.

About Meshif

For one who spends so much time away from home, Meshif has taken Kurast's corruption the hardest.

Paladin only

The Church which you serve is corrupted by evil. Yet the holy disciplines it taught you may yet save us all.
This is a strange time for heroes, Ormus thinks.

Gossip (about Ormus)[edit]

From Alkor

Oh, Ormus has been talking in riddles for years. I think he does it to cover up the fact that he's got nothing intelligent to say.

From Deckard Cain

Judging from his dress and strange markings, I would guess that Ormus is from the ancient Taan mage-clan. Yet none of the others here seem to know that he is a sorcerer.
The Taan were once as powerful as the Vizjerei clan, but their studies were even more secretive. I wonder what he's hiding.
Ormus would like you to think him mad. Better to watch his actions than listen to his words.

From Hratli

Ormus is a man of many mysteries. I sense strong magic about him, but he's never spoken of it to me.

From Meshif

Trying to get information out of Ormus is like straining water from a rock. His damned riddles are almost as confusing as our current state of affairs.

From Natalya

My Order has been keeping watch over Ormus for many years, now. He seems to champion the cause of good, but who knows what shadow lurks within his soul?