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Gravenspine is a normal Unique Wand with an item level of 27 and a Character Level requirement of 20.


Wands are not class specific, but they are most appropriate for Necromancers. Sorceresses use them as well in Diablo II, in order to have a one-handed weapon and a shield, and bonuses such as +mana and faster cast are useful for a Sorceress as well as a Necromancer. The Sorc-only Orbs should be more useful than wands though, so likely you'll see only Necromancers using wands after a short time in the Expansion.

  • You cannot gamble for wands, they must be found.
  • All blunt weapons (including wands) have +50% Damage vs Undead.
  • In 1.10 of the Expansion the odds of gambling a Unique is 1 in 2000.
  • Normal Uniques are identical in Diablo II and the Expansion.


  • Item Level: Chests and monsters must be at least this level to drop the item. Ilvl is used in gambling, sales and other calculations as well.
  • Clvl Req: Your character must be this level or higher to equip the item. No Uniques had Clvl requirements prior to v1.07 D2.
  • Range: Goes from 1 (least) to 5 (most), and is identical for all melee weapon types. I.E. a 3 sword = a 3 spear = a 3 hammer.
  • Dmg Bonus: This determines how you multiply the item damage by your stats to reach the actual damage. Each point in this statistic multiplies your damage by bonus/100 %. For example a damage bonus of 70 is 70/100 or and additional .7% weapon damage per point. Most weapons have 100 str, which gives 100/100 or an additional 1% weapon damage per point in str.
  • Weapon Speed (WSM): A relative comparison to other weapons of the same type. 0 is the base -10, -20, etc is faster, 10, 20, etc is slower.
  • Swing Speed: The speed shown in-game for each character using this melee weapon. This speed is mostly meaningless and is included for completeness only. Characters are abbreviated to their first letters, with Amazon = Am and Assassin = As.

v1.09+ Stats[edit]

Image Name Properties Special Properties Attack Stats
Bone Wand
3 - 7 Damage
15 Durability
Item Level: 27
Clvl Req: 20
+10 to Strength
+10 to Dexterity
Adds 4-8 Cold Damage, 3 Seconds Cold Length
5% Mana Stolen per Hit
+2 to Necromancer Skills
+25-50 to Mana
Range: 1
Weapon Speed: -20
Dmg Bonus: 100 Str
Swing Speed:
Very Fast - N

Prior Stats[edit]

  • v1.08: Did not have +2 necro skills or +25-50 mana, rest is the same.