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Stormshield is an elite Unique Shield with an item level of 77 and a Character Level requirement of 73. Stormshield sports an enormous boost to cold resist. Also, it's chance to block, block rate, and damage reduction make it very useful to many melee builds.


Shields are incredibly useful items in Diablo II. They work to block all physical and many types of elemental attacks, completely negating those attacks when successfully blocked. Shields are also an excellent source of resistance, when socketed with gems or various runes.

Unique shields have the most beautiful graphics of any items in the game. Every one of them has a customized unique appearance, and all are great. The larger canvas of a shield appears to give the Blizzard artists more room to work, and with that comes more inspiration.

  • In 1.10 of the Expansion the odds of gambling a Unique is 1 in 2000.
  • Elite Uniques are found only in the Diablo II Expansion, not in Diablo II Classic.

Blocking Basics[edit]

Main article: Blocking

Blocking % in Classic: Characters block at the % listed on the shield (when equipped) + any other bonuses. Total blocking is capped at 75%. A character can get more than this with a good shield + Twitchthroe, or a Paladin can use his Holy Shield skill, but no matter how high the display is, 75% is all that can be blocked. This is while standing still, running, walking, fighting, casting spells, etc.

Blocking % in the Expansion: The way blocking works is changed in the expansion. The new formula for blocking is:

Total Blocking % = [Blocking x (Dexterity – 15)] / (Character Level x 2)

This formula basically means that if you have less than half of your stat points into Dexterity, you will have a lower block rating than your shield displays, but if more than half of your stat points are in Dex, then you will have a higher blocking %. Blocking is capped at 5% minimum and 75% maximum and displays if you hover on your Defense in the Character window. Sorcs and Necros who do not devote considerable resources to raising their dexterity will find their blocking at a very low level above Clvl 50, so should pick shields based on their magical bonuses, not for the blocking percent.

  • Blocking is reduced to 33% of this value when running, but uses regular values when walking, standing still, or melee attacking.


  • Item Level: Chests and monsters must be at least this level to drop the item. Ilvl is used in gambling, sales and other calculations as well.
  • Clvl Req: Your character must be this level or higher to equip the item. No Uniques had Clvl requirements prior to v1.07 D2.
  • Listed Blocking: All shields vary in blocking percent by character. The Paladin's is always 5% higher than an Amazon/Assassin/Barbarian, and 10% higher than a Druid/Sorceress/Necromancer.
  • Weight: All shields are light, medium, or heavy. Light shields have no negative effects, medium have a -5% speed and -5% stamina regen rate, and heavy have -10% speed and -10% stamina regen.
  • Speed: A penalty governed by weight; 0 is no penalty, 5 is slightly slower running and stamina regen (but rounds to 0 anyway) and 10 is a bigger running speed and stamina regen penalty. % Faster Block Rate can lower this number to below zero.
  • Smite Damage: Only Paladins have the Smite skill, so only they see this damage. It's only of importance to other characters when considering a trade.

v1.09+ Stats[edit]

Image Name Properties Special Properties Shield Stats
133-148 +3.75*Clvl Defense
156 Str Required
Item Level: 77
Clvl req: 73
+3.75 Defense per Clvl
Physical Damage Reduced by 35%
+30 to Strength
35% Faster Block Rate
Lightning Resist +25%
+25% Increased Chance to Block
Cold Resist +60%
Attacker Takes Lightning Damage Of 10
Listed Blocking:
Pal: 77%
Am/As/B: 72%
D/S/N: 67%
Weight: Light
Speed: -35
12-34 Smite Damage

Prior Stats[edit]

  • v1.08: Base item of Aegis, +3 Defense per Clvl, no lightning damage, rest is same.

In Diablo 1[edit]

Image Name Properties

Gothic Shield/Tower Shield

Armor Class: 40
+4 Damage from Enemies
+10 Strength
Fast Block
Durability: Indestructible
Requirements: 80/60 strength
Qlvl: 24