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** Light armor → No running speed/stamina penalty
** Light armor → No running speed/stamina penalty
** Medium armor → 5% speed and stamina penalty
** Medium armor → 5% speed and stamina penalty
** Heavy armor → -10% speed and stamina penalty
** Heavy armor → 10% speed and stamina penalty
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| [[Image:Sorc-ancient.jpg]]
| [[Image:Sorc-ancient.jpg]]
=Armor Appearance: Diablo II: Resurrected=
=Armor Appearance: Diablo II: Resurrected=

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This page displays every type of character armor found in Diablo II. There are subtle differences between every kind, even the various plate armors that look identical. They usually have some difference in the shoulder pad or sleeve.

Armor Appearance

Armors found in-game may vary by color, since certain affixes add palette shifts, but the basic graphics never change.

  • Armor weight can confer a speed penalty:
    • Light armor → No running speed/stamina penalty
    • Medium armor → 5% speed and stamina penalty
    • Heavy armor → 10% speed and stamina penalty

Armor Type:
Normal / Excep / Elite
Armor Weight Inventory
Amazon Assassin Barb Druid Necro Paladin Sorc
None NA NA Zon-none.jpg Sin-none.jpg Barb-none.jpg Druid-none.jpg Necro-none.jpg Pally-none.jpg Sorc-none.jpg
Quilted Armor/ Ghost Armor/ Dusk Shroud Light Armor-quilted.gif Zon-quilted.jpg Sin-quilted.jpg Barb-quilted.jpg Druid-quilted.jpg Necro-quilted.jpg Pally-quilted.jpg Sorc-quilted.jpg
Leather Armor/ Serpentskin Armor/ Wyrmhide Light Armor-leather.gif Zon-leather.jpg Sin-leather.jpg Barb-leather.jpg Druid-leather.jpg Necro-leather.jpg Pally-leather.jpg Sorc-leather.jpg
Hard Leather Armor/ Demonhide Armor/ Scarab Husk Light Armor hard-leather.gif Zon-hardleather.jpg Sin-hardleather.jpg Barb-hardleather.jpg Druid-hardleather.jpg Necro-hardleather.jpg Pally-hardleather.jpg Sorc-hardleather.jpg
Studded Leather/ Trellised Armor/ Wire Fleece Light Armor-studded.gif Zon-studded.jpg Sin-studded.jpg Barb-studded.jpg Druid-studded.jpg Necro-studded.jpg Pally-studded.jpg Sorc-studded.jpg
Ring Mail/ Linked Mail/ Diamond Mail Medium Armor-ringmail.gif Zon-ring.jpg Sin-ring.jpg Barb-ring.jpg Druid-ring.jpg Necro-ring.jpg Pally-ring.jpg Sorc-ring.jpg
Scale Mail/ Tigulated Mail/ Loricated Mail Heavy Mail-scale.gif Zon-scale.jpg Sin-scale.jpg Barb-scale.jpg Druid-scale.jpg Necro-scale.jpg Pally-scale.jpg Sorc-scale.jpg
Breast Plate/ Cuirass/ Great Hauberk Light Armor breastplate.gif Zon-breastplate.jpg Sin-breastplate.jpg Barb-breastplate.jpg Druid-breastplate.jpg Necro-breastplate.jpg Pally-breastplate.jpg Sorc-breastplate.jpg
Chain Mail/ Mesh Armor/ Boneweave Medium Mail-chain.gif Zon-chain.jpg Sin-chain.jpg Barb-chain.jpg Druid-chain.jpg Necro-chain.jpg Pally-chain.jpg Sorc-chain.jpg
Splint Mail/ Russet Armor/ Balrog Skin Medium Mail-splint.gif Zon-splint.jpg Sin-splint.jpg Barb-splint.jpg Druid-splint.jpg Necro-splint.jpg Pally-splint.jpg Sorc-splint.jpg
Light Plate/ Mage Plate/ Archon Plate Light Plate-light-field.gif Zon-light.jpg Sin-light.jpg Barb-light.jpg Druid-light.jpg Necro-light.jpg Pally-light.jpg Sorc-light.jpg
Field Plate/ Sharktooth Armor/ Kraken Shell Medium Armor-field-plate.gif Zon-field.jpg Sin-field.jpg Barb-field.jpg Druid-field.jpg Necro-field.jpg Pally-field.jpg Sorc-field.jpg
Plate Mail/ Templar Coat/ Hellforge Plate Heavy Mail-plate.gif Zon-plate.jpg Sin-plate.jpg Barb-plate.jpg Druid-plate.jpg Necro-plate.jpg Pally-plate.jpg Sorc-plate.jpg
Gothic Plate/ Embossed Plate/ Lacquered Plate Medium Plate-gothic.gif Zon-gothic.jpg Sin-gothic.jpg Barb-gothic.jpg Druid-gothic.jpg Necro-gothic.jpg Pally-gothic.jpg Sorc-gothic.jpg
Full Plate Mail/ Chaos Armor/ Shadow Plate Heavy Armor-full-plate.gif Zon-full.jpg Sin-full.jpg Barb-full.jpg Druid-full.jpg Necro-full.jpg Pally-full.jpg Sorc-full.jpg
Ancient Armor/ Ornate Plate/ Sacred Armor Medium Armor-ancient-plate.gif Zon-ancient.jpg Sin-ancient.jpg Barb-ancient.jpg Druid-ancient.jpg Necro-ancient.jpg Pally-ancient.jpg Sorc-ancient.jpg

Armor Appearance: Diablo II: Resurrected

The appearance of the armor depends on its base type (Ancient Armor, Dusk Shroud, etc).

Certain armor affixes can also change the color of the armor, but not the overall shape.