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Griswold is located in the center of Tristram, facing Cain and the town well. He is the most useful NPC for most characters, thanks to his convenient location and the fact that he is the only NPC who buys weapons, armor, and jewelry. He is also the only NPC who handles repairs, and he sells a wide variety of normal and magical weapons and armor. Griswold also gives out a few single player quests and quest rewards.

Griswold sells:

  • Normal quality items: 10-19 items, with a different selection each time your character returns to town. The items are randomly-generated based on the deepest dungeon level you've reached that game (singleplayer) or your character's level (multiplayer).
    • Item types: helms, body armor, swords, blunts, bows. (Also staffs, in Hellfire.)
  • Magical items: 6 items in Diablo or 15 in Hellfire. The items remain for the entire game unless you level up or buy something. Items increase in potential ilvl as they move down his list. Their Ilvl is determined by the Dlvl in singleplayer, or your Clvl in multiplayer.
    • Item types: helms, body armor, swords, blunts, bows. (Staffs in Hellfire. Jewelry only in singleplayer D1 or HF.)

Griswold buys all of these types of items, but does not buy potions, elixirs, runes, oils, or staffs (in Diablo) or staffs with magical charges (in Hellfire).

Griswold's Ilvl maxes out at 30, so he can not sell any items with mods higher then qlvl 30. This includes useful properties such as: of the mammal, of the whale, holy, godly, weird, strange, Champion's, of carnage, of slaughter, of osmosis, of burning, of thunder, or emerald. Wirt's Qlvl goes up to 60, so he can sell all of these, though price restrictions and other complications mean that some can never be found on the the same item (such as the mythical Godly Plate of the Whale).

Griswold returns in Diablo II, as a monster.

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Well, what can I do for ya?



If you're looking for a good weapon, let me show this to you. Take your basic blunt weapon, such as a mace. Works like a charm against most of those undying horrors down there, and there's nothing better to shatter skinny little skeletons!
The axe? Aye, that's a good weapon, balanced against any foe. Look how it cleaves the air, and then imagine a nice fat demon head in its path. Keep in mind, however, that it is slow to swing - but talk about dealing a heavy blow!
Look at that edge, that balance. A sword in the right hands, and against the right foe, is the master of all weapons. Its keen blade finds little to hack or pierce on the undead, but against a living, breathing enemy, a sword will better slice their flesh!
Your weapons and armor will show the signs of your struggles against the Darkness. If you bring them to me, with a bit of work and a hot forge, I can restore them to top fighting form.

About Adria

While I have to practically smuggle in the metals and tools I need from caravans that skirt the edges of our damned town, that witch, Adria, always seems to get whatever she needs. If I knew even the smallest bit about how to harness magic as she did, I could make some truly incredible things.

About Cain

Sometimes I think that Cain talks too much, but I guess that is his calling in life. If I could bend steel as well as he can bend your ear, I could make a suit of court plate good enough for an Emperor!

About Farnham

I was with Farnham that night that Lazarus led us into Labyrinth. I never saw the Archbishop again, and I may not have survived if Farnham was not at my side. I fear that the attack left his soul as crippled as, well, another did my leg. I cannot fight this battle for him now, but I would if I could.

About Gillian

Gillian is a nice lass. Shame that her gammer is in such poor health or I would arrange to get both of them out of here on one of the trading caravans.

About Ogden

The Innkeeper has little business and no real way of turning a profit. He manages to make ends meet by providing food and lodging for those who occasionally drift through the village, but they are as likely to sneak off into the night as they are to pay him. If it weren't for the stores of grains and dried meats he kept in his cellar, why, most of us would have starved during that first year when the entire countryside was overrun by demons.

About Pepin

A good man who puts the needs of others above his own. You won't find anyone left in Tristram - or anywhere else for that matter - who has a bad thing to say about the healer.

About Wirt

That lad is going to get himself into serious trouble... or I guess I should say, again. I've tried to interest him in working here and learning an honest trade, but he prefers the high profits of dealing in goods of dubious origin. I cannot hold that against him after what happened to him, but I do wish he would at least be careful.

Gossip (About Griswold)[edit]

From Adria

To a man who only knows Iron, there is no greater magic than Steel. The blacksmith Griswold is more of a sorcerer than he knows. His ability to meld fire and metal is unequaled in this land.

From Cain

Griswold - a man of great action and great courage. I bet he never told you about the time he went into the Labyrinth to save Wirt, did he? He knows his fair share of the dangers to be found there, but then again - so do you. He is a skilled craftsman, and if he claims to be able to help you in any way, you can count on his honesty and his skill.

From Farnham

Griswold? Good old Griswold. I love him like a brother! We fought together, you know, back when... we... Lazarus... Lazarus... Lazarus!!!

From Gillian

Our Blacksmith is a point of pride to the people of Tristram. Not only is he a master craftsman who has won many contests within his guild, but he received praises from our King Leoric himself - may his soul rest in peace. Griswold is also a great hero; just ask Cain.

From Ogden

Griswold the blacksmith is extremely knowledgeable about weapons and armor. If you ever need work done on your gear, he is definitely the man to see.

From Pepin

Griswold knows as much about the art of war as I do about the art of healing. He is a shrewd merchant, but his work is second to none. Oh, I suppose that may be because he is the only blacksmith left here.

From Wirt

I guess I owe the blacksmith my life - what there is of it. Sure, Griswold offered me an apprenticeship at the smithy, and he is a nice enough guy, but I'll never get enough money to... well, let's just say that I have definite plans that require a large amount of gold.


Anvil of Fury

Greetings! It's always a pleasure to see one of my best customers! I know that you have been venturing deeper into the Labyrinth, and there is a story I was told that you may find worth the time to listen to...
One of the men who returned from the Labyrinth told me about a mystic anvil that he came across during his escape. His description reminded me of legends I had heard in my youth about the burning Hellforge where powerful weapons of magic are crafted. The legend had it that deep within the Hellforge rested the Anvil of Fury! This Anvil contained within it the very essence of the demonic underworld...
It is said that any weapon crafted upon the burning Anvil is imbued with great power. If this anvil is indeed the Anvil of Fury, I may be able to make you a weapon capable of defeating even the darkest lord of Hell!
Find the Anvil for me, and I'll get to work!
Nothing yet, eh? Well, keep searching. A weapon forged upon the Anvil could be your best hope, and I am sure that I can make you one of legendary proportions.
I can hardly believe it! This is the Anvil of Fury - good work, my friend. Now we'll show those bastards that there are no weapons in Hell more deadly than those made by men! Take this and may Light protect you.

Archbishop Lazarus

I was there when Lazarus led us into the labyrinth. He spoke of holy retribution, but when we started fighting those hellspawn, he did not so much as lift his mace against them. He just ran deeper into the dim, endless chambers that were filled with the servants of darkness!

Black Mushroom

If Adria doesn't have one of these, you can bet that's a rare thing indeed. I can offer you no more help than that, but it sounds like... a huge, gargantuan, swollen, bloated mushroom! Well, good hunting, I suppose.

Halls of the Blind

I am afraid that I have neither heard nor seen a place that matches your vivid description, my friend. Perhaps Cain the Storyteller could be of some help.


If it is actually Lachdanan that you have met, then I would advise that you aid him. I dealt with him on several occasions and found him to be honest and loyal in nature. The curse that fell upon the followers of King Leoric would fall especially hard upon him.

Ogden's Sign

Demons stole Ogden's sign, you say? That doesn't sound much like the atrocities I've heard of - or seen.
Demons are concerned with ripping out your heart, not your signpost.

Poisoned Water Supply

Pepin has told you the truth. We will need fresh water badly, and soon. I have tried to clear one of the smaller wells, but it reeks of stagnant filth. It must be getting clogged at the source.

The Butcher

I saw what Farnham calls the Butcher as it swathed a path through the bodies of my friends. He swung a cleaver as large as an axe, hewing limbs and cutting down brave men where they stood. I was separated from the fray by a host of small screeching demons and somehow found the stairway leading out. I never saw that hideous beast again, but his blood-stained visage haunts me to this day.

The Chamber of Bone

I know nothing of this place, but you may try asking Cain. He talks about many things, and it would not surprise me if he had some answers to your question.

The Curse of King Leoric

I made many of the weapons and most of the armor that King Leoric used to outfit his knights. I even crafted a huge two-handed sword of the finest mithril for him, as well as a field crown to match. I still cannot believe how he died, but it must have been some sinister force that drove him insane!

The Magic Rock

Stay for a moment - I have a story you might find interesting. A caravan that was bound for the Eastern Kingdoms passed through here some time ago. It was supposedly carrying a piece of the Heavens that had fallen to earth! The caravan was ambushed by cloaked riders just north of here along the roadway. I searched the wreckage for this sky rock, but it was nowhere to be found. If you should find it, I believe that I can fashion something useful from it.
I am still waiting for you to bring me that stone from the Heavens. I know that I can make something powerful out of it.
Let me see that - aye... aye, it is as I believed. Give me a moment...
Ah, here you are. I arranged pieces of the stone within a silver ring that my father left me. I hope it serves you well.


The armor known as Valor could be what tips the scales in your favor. I will tell you that many have looked for it - including myself. Arkaine hid it well, my friend, and it will take more than a bit of luck to unlock the secrets that have kept it concealed oh, lo these many years.

Warlord of Blood

Dark and wicked legends surrounds the one Warlord of Blood. Be well prepared, my friend, for he shows no mercy or quarter.