Gharbad the Weak

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Having some fun with Gharbad; the Guardians shoot at him even before he goes into attack mode.

Gharbad the Weak is a single player quest that some players hate, other players find adorable, and everyone profits from. It's one of the more amusing quests in the game, and good for a surprise laugh the first time. And every time, if you're easily amused. Or just like goats.

Gharbad returned in Diablo 3 as "Gharbad the Strong ," a huge muscular goatman occasionally encountered in a random Act One scenario.


  • Quest Name: Gharbad the Weak
  • Triggered By: Finding Gharbad.
  • Frequency: Single player only. This quest will occur 2/3 of the time.
  • Given by: Gharbad.
  • Location: Dungeon Level 4.
  • Reward: Two random magical items.

Gharbad the Weak is a specially-colored goatman you'll find somewhere on dungeon level 4. He can not be attacked, and when you click on him you'll walk up to speak with him, (much like Lachdanan, later in the game). Gharbad has some of the best dialogue in the game; not for what he says, but for the goat-accented, broken English he speaks in.

When you first speak to Gharbad, he drops one random magical item and pleads for his life, promising to make you something better if you'll just leave him alive. You can't attack him at that point anyway, so you have no choice.

Speak with him, then move more than a screen away, so he's completely out of sight. When you return Gharbad begs off, saying he's not ready with the item yet, but it will be soon. Do this again and he'll say more of the same, "Something for you, I am maaaaaking. Not ready yet. Soon!"

On your third return he changes his tone. "This too good for you. You want? You take!" With that he smacks you with his mace, and starts dancing around, goatman style. You must kill him to get the magical item.

Video of his dialogues and ultimate aggression.

Strategy Tips[edit]

Gharbad isn't called "the Weak" for nothing. He deals very low damage and doesn't take much to kill. He's much weaker than a regular goatman, but is more fun play around with.

Quest Dialogues[edit]



Pleeeease, no hurt. No Kill. Keep alive and next time good bring to you.



First Return
Something for you I am making. Again, not kill Gharbad. Live and give good.
You take this as proof I keep word...
Second Return
Nothing yet! Almost done.
Very powerful, very strong. Live! Live!
No pain and promise I keep!
Third Return
This too good for you. Very Powerful! You want - you take!



I'm not impressed.