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Wirt is found to the far left of town, over a bridge and past the entrance to the Caves. It's a long, winding walk in Diablo, made much more bearable by the fast walk in Hellfire. Wirt sells items, but only one at a time, and he'll only show it to you after his infamous 50 gold fee. Wirt's graft engendered extreme hostility in most Diablo players, and his fate as a gold-popping corpse in Diablo II was a form of fan service.

Despite his maddening cover charge, Wirt is a very useful resource, since he can sell items that are otherwise unobtainable in the game. Wirt's items can go up to Ilvl 60, which means any prefix or suffix can occur on them, including the dozen or so that Griswold will never sell. Despite his ability to sell any modifier, Wirt can not sell every potential item, due to the way prefixes, suffixes, and item types interact, and the hard cap placed on Wirt's top prices. For instance, the legendary GPoW, Godly Plate of the Whale, can not be found (no monster can drop Qlvl modifiers that high) but it can be purchased from Wirt. Only in lower quality base armor though, since on gothic plate or full plate mail the item would exceed the price cap.

Wirt sells:

  • In Diablo:
    • Weapons: All types of weapons except staffs.
    • Armor: Body armor, helms, and shields. (Jewelry only in singleplayer.)
  • In Hellfire: The item types he offers vary by character, and he will never sell some types of items to some characters. The items he does not sell are listed below:
    • Warrior: Bows and staffs.
    • Rogue:Axes, blunts, swords, staffs, and shields.
    • Sorcerer: Axes, blunts, bows, and staffs.
    • Monk: Blunts, bows, shields, and medium armor (chain and ring).
    • Bard: Axes, blunts, and staffs.
    • Barbarian: Bows and staffs.

Voice Actor: Lani Minella



Pssst... over here...



Not everyone in Tristram has a use - or a market - for everything you will find in the labyrinth. Not even me, as hard as that is to believe.
Sometimes, only you will be able to find a purpose for some things.
Don't trust everything the drunk says. Too many ales have fogged his vision and his good sense.
In case you haven't noticed, I don't buy anything from Tristram. I am an importer of quality goods. If you want to peddle junk, you'll have to see Griswold, Pepin or that witch, Adria. I'm sure that they will snap up whatever you can bring them...

About Adria

Adria truly bothers me. Sure, Cain is creepy in what he can tell you about the past, but that witch can see into your past. She always has some way to get whatever she needs, too. Adria gets her hands on more merchandise than I've seen pass through the gates of the King's Bazaar during High Festival.

About Cain

Cain knows too much. He scares the life out of me - even more than that woman across the river. He keeps telling me about how lucky I am to be alive, and how my story is foretold in legend. I think he's off his crock.

About Farnham

Farnham - now there is a man with serious problems, and I know all about how serious problems can be. He trusted too much in the integrity of one man, and Lazarus led him into the very jaws of death. Oh, I know what it's like down there, so don't even start telling me about your plans to destroy the evil that dwells in that Labyrinth. Just watch your legs...

About Gillian

If I were a few years older, I would shower her with whatever riches I could muster, and let me assure you I can get my hands on some very nice stuff. Gillian is a beautiful girl who should get out of Tristram as soon as it is safe. Hmmm... maybe I'll take her with me when I go...

About Griswold

I guess I owe the blacksmith my life - what there is of it. Sure, Griswold offered me an apprenticeship at the smithy, and he is a nice enough guy, but I'll never get enough money to... well, let's just say that I have definite plans that require a large amount of gold.

About Ogden

Ogden is a fool for staying here. I could get him out of town for a very reasonable price, but he insists on trying to make a go of it with that stupid tavern. I guess at the least he gives Gillian a place to work, and his wife Garda does make a superb Shepherd's pie...

About Pepin

As long as you don't need anything reattached, old Pepin is as good as they come.
If I'd have had some of those potions he brews, I might still have my leg...

Gossip (About Wirt)[edit]

From Adria

There is much about the future we cannot see, but when it comes it will be the children who wield it. The boy Wirt has a blackness upon his soul, but he poses no threat to the town or its people. His secretive dealings with the urchins and unspoken guilds of nearby towns gain him access to many devices that cannot be easily found in Tristram. While his methods may be reproachful, Wirt can provide assistance for your battle against the encroaching Darkness.

From Cain

The story of Wirt is a frightening and tragic one. He was taken from the arms of his mother and dragged into the labyrinth by the small, foul demons that wield wicked spears. There were many other children taken that day, including the son of King Leoric. The Knights of the palace went below, but never returned. The Blacksmith found the boy, but only after the foul beasts had begun to torture him for their sadistic pleasures.

From Farnham

Wirt is a kid with more problems than even me, and I know all about problems. Listen here - that kid is gotta sweet deal, but he's been there, you know? Lost a leg! Gotta walk around on a piece of wood. So sad, so sad...

From Gillian

I grew up with Wirt's mother, Canace. Although she was only slightly hurt when those hideous creatures stole him, she never recovered. I think she died of a broken heart. Wirt has become a mean-spirited youngster, looking only to profit from the sweat of others. I know that he suffered and has seen horrors that I cannot even imagine, but some of that darkness hangs over him still.

From Griswold

That lad is going to get himself into serious trouble... or I guess I should say, again. I've tried to interest him in working here and learning an honest trade, but he prefers the high profits of dealing in goods of dubious origin. I cannot hold that against him after what happened to him, but I do wish he would at least be careful.

From Ogden

Wirt is a rapscallion and a little scoundrel. He was always getting into trouble, and it's no surprise what happened to him.
He probably went fooling about someplace that he shouldn't have been. I feel sorry for the boy, but I don't abide the company that he keeps.

From Pepin

Poor Wirt. I did all that was possible for the child, but I know he despises that wooden peg that I was forced to attach to his leg. His wounds were hideous. No one - and especially such a young child - should have to suffer the way he did.


Anvil of Fury

If you were to find this artifact for Griswold, it could put a serious damper on my business here. Awwww, you'll never find it.

Archbishop Lazarus

Yes, the righteous Lazarus, who was sooo effective against those monsters down there. Didn't help save my leg, did it? Look, I'll give you a free piece of advice. Ask Farnham, he was there.

Black Mushroom

I don't have any mushrooms of any size or color for sale. How about something a bit more useful?

Halls of the Blind

Lets see, am I selling you something? No. Are you giving me money to tell you about this? No. Are you now leaving and going to talk to the storyteller who lives for this kind of thing? Yes.


Wait, let me guess. Cain was swallowed up in a gigantic fissure that opened beneath him. He was incinerated in a ball of hellfire, and can't answer your questions anymore. Oh, that isn't what happened? Then I guess you'll be buying something or you'll be on your way.

Ogden's Sign

What - is he saying I took that? I suppose that Griswold is on his side, too.
Look, I got over simple sign stealing months ago. You can't turn a profit on a piece of wood.

Poisoned Water Supply

For once, I'm with you. My business runs dry - so to speak - if I have no market to sell to. You better find out what is going on, and soon!

The Butcher

I know more than you'd think about that grisly fiend. His little friends got a hold of me and managed to get my leg before Griswold pulled me out of that hole.
I'll put it bluntly - kill him before he kills you and adds your corpse to his collection.

The Chamber of Bone

A vast and mysterious treasure, you say? Maybe I could be interested in picking up a few things from you... or better yet, don't you need some rare and expensive supplies to get you through this ordeal?

The Curse of King Leoric

Look, I'm running a business here. I don't sell information, and I don't care about some King that's been dead longer than I've been alive. If you need something to use against this King of the undead, then I can help you out...

The Magic Rock

If anyone can make something out of that rock, Griswold can. He knows what he is doing, and as much as I try to steal his customers, I respect the quality of his work.


You intend to find the armor known as Valor?
No one has ever figured out where Arkaine stashed the stuff, and if my contacts couldn't find it, I seriously doubt you ever will either.

Warlord of Blood

I haven't ever dealt with this Warlord you speak of, but he sounds like he's going through a lot of swords. Wouldn't mind supplying his armies...