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Zhar the Mad is a quest boss found in a library section of level 8 of the catacombs. He gives a demented little speech, but will leave you alone unless you provoke him, at which point he attacks with Fireballs. He is the first sighting a player has of the mage type monster, who are not otherwise seen prior to level 13.

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Zhar the Mad[edit]

  • Quest Name: Zhar the Mad
  • Triggered By: Speaking to Zhar the Mad.
  • Frequency: Single player only, in 2/3 of games.
  • Given by: Zhar the Mad.
  • Location: One of the library rooms on Dungeon Level 8.
  • Reward: Two random spellbooks, medium level or higher.

Zhar the Mad is a boss version of the advocates, the fireball shooting mages found on level 16 (and 15, in the person of Lazarus and his attendants.) He is found in one of the library rooms on level 8 in the catacombs, and appears to be studying peacefully. He will not attack the player unless provoked.

When first clicked on, Zhar speaks in a crazy voice. "All these interruptions are enough to drive one mad!" He still does not attack, though he'll turn to watch the player as you move around the room. He waits to attack until you click on the bookshelf beside him, which always drops a random spellbook. That upsets Zhar though, causing him to mutter, "Your curiosity will be the death of you." He then attacks with Fireballs. He can also use Flash at melee range, and Teleport as well.

Strategy Tips[edit]

Zhar's fireballs are far lower level than those of the Advocates found later in the game, he doesn't have much defense or many hit points, and in the enclosed area of the library, he's not too much of a challenge for most characters. He drops a book when he dies, which makes this quest worth at least two books, plus whatever scrolls and books fall from the random bookstands around the room.

Quest Dialogues[edit]


Zhar the Mad

What?! Why are you here? All these interruptions are enough to make one insane. Here, take this and leave me to my work. Trouble me no more! (Zhar drops a spellbook.)
Arrrrgh! Your curiosity will be the death of you!!!



I'm sorry, did I break your concentration? (This is a reference to Jules' line of dialogue from the film Pulp Fiction.)


Lloigor the Crazed, from Diablo 3.

Zhar is a character from the Lovecraft mythos, first featured in a short story by August Derleth.

In Derleth's story, and others also set in the Lovecraft Mythos, Zhar has a brother named Lloigor. Another demon mage very similar to Zhar the Mad appears in Diablo III, with the name Lloigor the Crazed, in an obvious homage to this character.