Tremain the Priest

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The Priest Tremain was not included in the final game. He was supposed to be the one who gave you the the Fleshdoom and the Lazarus Quests. The former being cut from the final game an Cain taking his role for the latter.

From the gossip about Tremain, it seems this character only appeared later in the game, perhaps after you've reached the Caves.



All I can do now is pray for us all.

Gossip (About Tremain)[edit]


Faith is absolute belief in the unseen. The priest Tremain is from a holy order long asleep in this land. He keeps a promise and a charge issued ages ago and sustains a union with realms that even my vision cannot reach. He knows much, but not as much as he believes.


Tremain is an occasional visitor to our town, and seems to have little problem coming and going. It is strange how at times anyone that tries to leave Tristram is hunted down and slain by the cloaked riders, and at other times it is a simple matter to leave. I think that it is that uncertain fear that keeps some of us here. But we are glad for Tremain's bravery and luck in keeping some contact with the rest of the kingdom.


I haven't ever see a priest around here. If I did I'd kick him right in the *BBBBUUURRRPPP* Can't even keep a church free of those Hell spawn - bastards. What good are they, those holy men? Liars! Liars!


I really don't know much about the priest Tremain. He never visits the tavern, preferring to keep to the company of Pepin and Cain. Perhaps it is because they, too, have more scholarly pursuits.


The priest Tremain. He's a solitary fellow who has no time for most of us. He seems to prefer the company of Pepin or Cain. Ah, that's fine by me. I respect his passion and his commitment to his order, but I've no time for his prattling.


The priest Tremain is a bit of a mystery. He certainly never stays here, and he often comes and goes to many of the nearby towns.


is Holiness is a wondrous man of great knowledge and understanding. He has shown me many cures for rare and deadly diseases. He brings me books and reagents for my work whenever he can. But I fear that he may some day take on some task that is too great even for him.


Yeah, Tremain. He gets around, doesn't he? Or haven't you heard? My friends in some of the other towns say that he passes through. Picking up some books here, a pinch of bat claw there. Never seems to have the kind of problems most do getting in and out of Tristram, that's for sure.


Archbishop Lazarus

I seek a champion to undertake a serious duty, and the people of this town speak well of your courage and skill. The Archbishop Lazarus, once King Leoric's most trusted advisor and a member of our order, has taken the path of evil. Not long ago Lazarus led a party of simple townsfolk into the labyrinth to find the King's missing son, Albrecht. Only a few of them escaped with their lives. Curse me for a fool! I should have suspected his veiled treachery then, for I have learned that it was Lazarus himself who kidnapped King Leoric's son and has since hidden him within the labyrinth. I still don't understand why the Archbishop has turned to the darkness or what his interest is in Albrecht. Unless he means to sacrifice him at the full moon. That must be what he has planned! The survivors of his rescue party say that Lazarus was last seen running into the deepest bowels of the labyrinth, some sixteen levels beneath the cathedral. You must hurry and save the prince from the sacrificial blade of this demented fiend!
Why do you delay? Time is of the essence! The prince and the people of this kingdom are counting on you.
This is terrible! Lazarus will surely burn in hell for his horrific deed! Although the boy that you describe may not be our prince, I believe that Albrecht may yet be in danger. What ever vile power lay beneath the ground has assuredly gained a foothold in our world. All I can do now is pray for us all.
So, Lazarus has paid the price for his betrayal and justice is served. For your services this day, I bestow this mace unto you. Its name is Lightforge, and it is the holiest of our order's artifacts. As I am the last of this order, I entrust it to you. May the light guide you.

Fleshdoom, Wielder of Shadowfang

I have had a most disturbing experience that I must share with you, my friend. Earlier that day I was called upon to help one of the men that escaped from the labyrinth. He was deranged, violent, and kept lashing out at all of those who tried to calm him. I suspected that he was possessed by some sort of demonic entity and so began to drive the evil from within him. After many hours I was able to exorcise a demon who called himself Fleshdoom, but the hellion fled into the labyrinth. You may think that I am mad, but after speaking with the man and battling with Fleshdoom I believe that the labyrinth has somehow become a gateway to the underworld. As you descend deeper you may find yourself upon the doorstep of Hell itself. Finally, the man who was possessed retained memories of an ancient demonblade named Shadowfang. If you find the demon Fleshdoom, beware this foul sword. While I fear the dangers below grow even greater, you must find Fleshdoom and slay him. Bring the sword to me and I can destroy it, but do not wield it for its power can corrupt absolutely.
Fleshdoom's demise is a great good to the world, yet Shadowfang remains! It must be found and destroyed! Do not attempt to use the demonblade, champion. It will corrupt and madden any mortal who wields it. I alone can end its dark evil.
Light be praised! You found the cursed demonblade! Only its destruction can ensure the safety of us all! Wait, what treachery is this? Ow! It burns! Hellfire...consuming me! You must take this to the Hellforge and cast it in before ... Noooo!