Farmer's Orchard

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The Farmer's Orchard is a very simple quest that gains your character access to the Hive, the first area added in Hellfire.

The Farmer's Orchard[edit]

  • Quest Name: The Farmer's Orchard
  • Triggered By: Entering the Caves or reaching level 15.
  • Frequency: Every game in Hellfire.
  • Given by: Lester the Farmer
  • Location: Town
  • Reward: Auric Amulet (allows you to carry 10k gold per inventory slot when equipped)
Lester the Farmer is a new NPC added in Hellfire. He can be found in the pasture near the cows. Lester asks your character to do him a favor, and to blow up a strange hive-like eruption in the ground that's blocking his cows from walking to another pasture. He gives you a rune bomb for this purpose, and when dropped on the spot by the new bridge east of town it explodes and creates an entrance to the Hive level.

Characters must be level 15, or have moved into the Cave levels (dungeon level 9) before Lester will give them the bomb.

Once the bomb has gone off successfully, return to Lester and he will drop the Auric Amulet, an item added in Hellfire. It's worn in the amulet slot, and doesn't provide any stat bonuses, but does allow your character to carry 10,000 gold per slot (up from 5,000 in Diablo) when the amulet is equipped. This makes it possible to save more gold from one game to the next, and to purchase items that take up 6 spaces in the inventory (such as full plate mail) that cost more than 170,000 gold. (This was impossible in Diablo, since the game required you to have enough free space to hold the item you were buying, even if all your gold was going to go away in the transaction.)

The Auric amulet can be sold for 25 gold to Adria.

Strategy Tips[edit]

There's no strategy involved. Get the bomb, carry it to the lower bridge, and drop it. The quest isn't available until level 15 since the Hive is equivalent to the Caves in difficulty, and lower level characters would get slaughtered there.

The Hive entrance, after being blown open.

Quest Dialogues[edit]


Lester the Farmer

So, you're the hero everyone's been talking about. Perhaps you could help a poor, simple farmer out of a terrible mess? At the edge of my orchard, just south of here, there's a horrible thing swelling out of the ground! I can't get to my crops or my bales of hay, and my poor cows will starve. The witch gave this to me and said that it would blast that thing out of my field. If you could destroy it, I'd be forever grateful. I'd do it myself, but someone has to stay here with the cows..."


Lester the Farmer

Is it gone? Did you send it back to the dark recesses of hades that spawned it? You what? Oh, don't tell me you lost it! Those things don't come cheap, you know. You've got the find it, and then blast that horror out of our town.
Return (with the Rune Bomb)
I knew it couldn't be as simple as that witch made it sound. It's a sad world when you can't even trust your neighbors.


Lester the Farmer (if you are under level 15 and haven't reached the Caves)

Before reaching level 2 of the Dungeon
I need something done, but I couldn't impose on a perfect stranger. Perhaps after you've been here a while I might feel more comfortable asking a favor.
After reaching level 2 of the Dungeon
Oh, such a trouble I, I couldn't impose on you, what with all the other troubles. Maybe after you've cleansed the church of some of those creatures you could come back... And spare a little time to help a poor farmer?
After reaching the Catacombs
Oh, I could use your help, but perhaps after you've saved the catacombs from the desecration of those beasts.
After reaching level 7 of the Catacombs
I see in you the potential for greatness. Perhaps sometime while you are fulfilling your destiny, you could stop by and do a little favor for me?
I think you could probably help me, but perhaps after you've gotten a little more powerful. I wouldn't want to injure the village's only chance to destroy the menace in the church.
It must truly be a fearsome task I've set before you. If there was just some way that I could... would a flagon of some nice, fresh milk help?


Lester the Farmer

I heard the explosion from here! Many thanks to you, kind stranger. What with all those things comin' out of the ground, monster taking over the church, and so forth, these are trying times. I am but a poor farmer, but here -- take this with my great thanks.