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The Theodore quest must be enabled with the "theoquest" tag in the command.txt. In this quest you venture into the Hive to find a little girl's teddy bear, which is probably why the Blizzard North guys made Sierra remove it for being too silly.

Celia's Theodore[edit]

  • Quest Name: Little Girl
  • Triggered By: Entering the Hive.
  • Frequency: Every game in Hellfire, if it's enabled in command.txt.
  • Given by: Celia
  • Location: Hive level 3
  • Reward: High level magical amulet.

In this quest a young girl named Celia appears on the witch's island. When clicked on she says that a huge monster stole her best friend Theodore, and she begs you to find him and bring him back. The monster turns out to be the Hork Demon, a SuperUnique found on level three of the Hive, and Theodore turns out to be a teddy bear. When you return Theodore to Celia, she gives you a high level magical amulet.

This quest doesn't change anything in the game, or add any rewards, it merely modifies them slightly. When this quest is not enabled Celia never appears, and the Hork Demon himself drops the amulet, thus cutting out the middle man.

Since there's no extra reward, it's purely a stylistic choice if you choose to enable it or not. If you enjoy the teddy bear rescue element of things, and want to help a pixelly little girl, then run with it. If not, just take your amulet directly from the Hork Demon.

Strategy Tips[edit]

The amulet is a very high level item, capable of spawning with any mods any amulet in the game can have. It's equivalent to finding an amulet in the deepest levels of hell, so it's well worth having. The Hork Demon is not very strong, but he can be hard to find since he's randomly located on level 3 of the hive.

Quest Dialogues[edit]



I lost Theo! I lost my best friend! We were playing over by the river, and Theo said he wanted to go look at the big green thing. I said we shouldn't, but we snuck over there, and then suddenly this bug came out! We ran away but Theo fell down and the bug grabbed him and took him away!



Didja find him? You gotta find Theodore, please! He's just little. He can't take care of himself! Please!
Waaaah! (sniff) Waaaah! (sniff)



You found him! You found him! Thank you! Oh Theo, did those nasty bugs scare you? Hey! Ugh! There's something stuck to you fur! Ick! Come on, Theo, let's go home! Thanks again, hero person!