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Adria the Witch is located on an island in the far upper right corner of town. She is the only NPC who sells mana potions, scrolls and books (Pepin sells healing and resurrection scrolls only), and staves. (Griswold and Wirt sell staves in Hellfire, but not in Diablo, and they do not sell or buy staves with spell charges.) Adria also buys all of those items, none of which Griswold will purchase, as well as buying all types of potions, elixirs, and oils and runes in Hellfire.

She is involved in the single player-only Black Mushroom quest in Diablo.

Adria sells:

  • Unlimited quantities of mana potions, full mana potions, and town portal scrolls. In addition to those she has 7-14 other items, which can be staffs, books, scrolls, mana potions (unlimited quantity), rejuvenation potions, and elixirs.
    • In Hellfire Adria only sells/buys staffs with spell charges. She also sells runes.

Adria does not appear in Diablo 2. She fled Tristram in anticipation of the attack on Tristram but she does appear in Diablo 3.

Voice Actor: Lani Minella



I sense a soul in search of answers...



Wisdom is earned, not given. If you discover a tome of knowledge, devour its words. Should you already have knowledge of the arcane mysteries scribed within a book, remember - that level of mastery can always increase.
The greatest power is often the shortest lived. You may find ancient words of power written upon scrolls of parchment. The strength of these scrolls lies in the ability of either apprentice or adept to cast them with equal ability. Their weakness is that they must first be read aloud and can never be kept at the ready in your mind. Know also that these scrolls can be read but once, so use them with care.
Though the heat of the sun is beyond measure, the mere flame of a candle is of greater danger. No energies, no matter how great, can be used without the proper focus. For many spells, ensorcelled Staves may be charged with magical energies many times over. I have the ability to restore their power - but know that nothing is done without a price.
The sum of our knowledge is in the sum of its people. Should you find a book or scroll that you cannot decipher, do not hesitate to bring it to me. If I can make sense of it I will share what I find.

About Cain

A chest opened in darkness holds no greater treasure than when it is opened in the light. The storyteller Cain is an enigma, but only to those who do not look. His knowledge of what lies beneath the cathedral is far greater than even he allows himself to realize.

About Farnham

The higher you place your faith in one man, the farther it has to fall. Farnham has lost his soul, but not to any demon. It was lost when he saw his fellow townspeople betrayed by the Archbishop Lazarus. He has knowledge to be gleaned, but you must separate fact from fantasy.

About Gillian

Corruption has the strength of deceit, but innocence holds the power of purity. The young woman Gillian has a pure heart, placing the needs of her matriarch over her own. She fears me, but it is only because she does not understand me.

About Griswold

To a man who only knows Iron, there is no greater magic than Steel. The blacksmith Griswold is more of a sorcerer than he knows. His ability to meld fire and metal is unequaled in this land.

About Ogden

Earthen walls and thatched canopy do not a home create. The innkeeper Ogden serves more of a purpose in this town than many understand. He provides shelter for Gillian and her matriarch, maintains what life Farnham has left to him, and provides an anchor for all who are left in the town to what Tristram once was. His tavern, and the simple pleasures that can still be found there, provide a glimpse of a life that the people here remember. It is that memory that continues to feed their hopes for your success.

About Pepin

The hand, the heart and the mind can perform miracles when they are in perfect harmony. The healer Pepin sees into the body in a way that even I cannot. His ability to restore the sick and injured is magnified by his understanding of the creation of elixirs and potions. He is as great an ally as you have in Tristram.

About Wirt

There is much about the future we cannot see, but when it comes it will be the children who wield it. The boy Wirt has a blackness upon his soul, but he poses no threat to the town or its people. His secretive dealings with the urchins and unspoken guilds of nearby towns gain him access to many devices that cannot be easily found in Tristram. While his methods may be reproachful, Wirt can provide assistance for your battle against the encroaching Darkness.

Gossip (About Adria)[edit]

From Cain

The witch, Adria, is an anomaly here in Tristram. She arrived shortly after the Cathedral was desecrated while most everyone else was fleeing. She had a small hut constructed at the edge of town, seemingly overnight, and has access to many strange and arcane artifacts and tomes of knowledge that even I have never seen before.

From Farnham

Why don't that old crone do somethin' for a change. Sure, sure, she's got stuff, but you listen to me... she's unnatural. I ain't never seen her eat or drink - and you can't trust somebody who doesn't drink at least a little.

From Gillian

The woman at the edge of town is a witch! She seems nice enough, and her name, Adria, is very pleasing to the ear, but I am very afraid of her.
It would take someone quite brave, like you, to see what she is doing out there.

From Griswold

While I have to practically smuggle in the metals and tools I need from caravans that skirt the edges of our damned town, that witch, Adria, always seems to get whatever she needs. If I knew even the smallest bit about how to harness magic as she did, I could make some truly incredible things.

From Ogden

Adria is wise beyond her years, but I must admit - she frightens me a little.
Well, no matter. If you ever have need to trade in items of sorcery, she maintains a strangely well-stocked hut just across the river.

From Pepin

While I use some limited forms of magic to create the potions and elixirs I store here, Adria is a true sorceress. She never seems to sleep, and she always has access to many mystic tomes and artifacts. I believe her hut may be much more than the hovel it appears to be, but I can never seem to get inside the place.

From Wirt

Adria truly bothers me. Sure, Cain is creepy in what he can tell you about the past, but that witch can see into your past. She always has some way to get whatever she needs, too. Adria gets her hands on more merchandise than I've seen pass through the gates of the King's Bazaar during High Festival.


Anvil of Fury

There are many artifacts within the Labyrinth that hold powers beyond the comprehension of mortals. Some of these hold fantastic power that can be used by either the Light or the Darkness. Securing the Anvil from below could shift the course of the Sin War towards the Light.

Archbishop Lazarus

I did not know this Lazarus of whom you speak, but I do sense a great conflict within his being. He poses a great danger, and will stop at nothing to serve the powers of darkness which have claimed him as theirs.

Black Mushroom

What do we have here? Interesting, it looks like a book of reagents. Keep your eyes open for a black mushroom. It should be fairly large and easy to identify. If you find it, bring it to me, won't you?
It's a big, black mushroom that I need. Now run off and get it for me so that I can use it for a special concoction that I am working on.
Return (with mushroom)
Yes, this will be perfect for a brew that I am creating. By the way, the healer is looking for the brain of some demon or another so he can treat those who have been afflicted by their poisonous venom. I believe that he intends to make an elixir from it. If you help him find what he needs, please see if you can get a sample of the elixir for me.
Return (with brain)
Why have you brought that here? I have no need for a demon's brain at this time. I do need some of the elixir that the Healer is working on. He needs that grotesque organ that you are holding, and then bring me the elixir. Simple when you think about it, isn't it?
What? Now you bring me that elixir from the healer? I was able to finish my brew without it. Why don't you just keep it...

Halls of the Blind

This is a place of great anguish and terror, and so serves its master well.
Tread carefully or you may yourself be staying much longer than you had anticipated.


You may meet people who are trapped within the Labyrinth, such as Lachdanan.
I sense in him honor and great guilt. Aid him, and you aid all of Tristram.

Ogden's Sign

No mortal can truly understand the mind of the demon.
Never let their erratic actions confuse you, as that too may be their plan.

Poisoned Water Supply

The people of Tristram will die if you cannot restore fresh water to their wells.
Know this - demons are at the heart of this matter, but they remain ignorant of what they have spawned.

The Butcher

The Butcher is a sadistic creature that delights in the torture and pain of others. You have seen his handiwork in the drunkard Farnham. His destruction will do much to ensure the safety of this village.

The Chamber of Bone

You will become an eternal servant of the Dark Lords should you perish within this cursed domain.
Enter the Chamber of Bone at your own peril.

The Curse of King Leoric

The dead who walk among the living follow the cursed King. He holds the power to raise yet more warriors for an ever growing army of the undead. If you do not stop his reign, he will surely march across this land and slay all who still live here.

The Magic Rock

The Heaven Stone is very powerful, and were it any but Griswold who bid you find it, I would prevent it. He will harness its powers and its use will be for the good of us all.


Should you find these Stones of Blood, use them carefully.
The way is fraught with danger and your only hope rests within your self trust.

Warlord of Blood

His prowess with the blade is awesome, and he has lived for thousands of years knowing only warfare. I am sorry... I can not see if you will defeat him.