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Avoid is a level 12 skill from the Amazon's Passive and Magic Skill Tree.


Required Level: 12
Prerequisites: Dodge
Synergies: None.
Details: This skill allows the Amazon to avoid ranged attacks while standing still or attacking. It's less useful than Dodge since ranged attacks aren't as damaging, you're usually running when they come in (Avoid doesn't help when you're moving), and skillful use of Valkyrie, Decoy, and Slow Missiles should cut the danger of ranged attacks anyway.

  • Avoid works against the charged bolts from a Lightning Enchanted monster. In earlier versions of the game LE bosses and Diablo's pink flamethrowing attack could create an Avoid-lock, where movement became impossible as the dodging animation repeated endlessly, but this was fixed in v1.09.
  • Avoid can dodge Meteors, but the area effect fire damage the Meteor leaves will still hurt.
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Dodge Chance

Slvl Dodge Chance

Slvl Dodge Chance

Slvl Dodge Chance

1 24% 6 48% 11 57% 16 63%
2 31% 7 50% 12 58% 17 63%
3 36% 8 52% 13 60% 18 64%
4 41% 9 54% 14 61% 19 64%
5 45% 10 55% 15 61% 20 65%

This ability hones the natural defensive ability of an Amazon. If she stands still, she can predict incoming missile attacks and elude them before they reach her. Most Amazon people can do this if all of their thoughts to the task, but only a warrior trained in this skill can do this even whilst caught unaware.