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Evade is a level 24 skill from the Amazon's Passive and Magic Skill Tree.


Required Level: 24
Prerequisites: Dodge, Avoid
Synergies: None.
Details: This skill gives the Amazon a chance to avoid melee or ranged attacks while walking or running. (Dodge and Avoid only work while standing still or attacking; not at all while walking or running.)

  • Evade is more useful for melee Amazons than ranged attackers, since melee fighters will often run up to monsters, or try to dodge incoming projectiles. It's generally less useful than Dodge or Avoid, though.
  • Evade lock was a problem prior to v1.09, when Amazons would sometimes get stuck in the Evade animation and be unable to run away from a ranged attack. This was most often seen with Diablo's pink flamethrower attack. The bug was corrected in v1.09.
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl Dodge

Slvl Dodge

Slvl Dodge

Slvl Dodge

1 18% 6 40% 11 49% 16 54%
2 24% 7 42% 12 50% 17 54%
3 29% 8 44% 13 51% 18 55%
4 34% 9 46% 14 52% 19 55%
5 37% 10 47% 15 52% 20 56%

A warrior skilled in Dodge and Avoid may eventually learn this additional ability. Once an Amazon has sharpened her defensive concentration to this level, she will eventually be able to dodge blows and other attacks while moving. This skill can also help keep the Amazon from harm as she moves out of the way of an exploding siege engine or avoids the wrath of an enraged Sorceress!