Double Throw

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Double Throw[edit]

Double throw.jpg
Required Level: 12

Prerequisites: Bash, Double Swing
Details: This skill allows the Barbarian to dual wield throwing weapons, and hurl them with either hand, launching about 50% more projectiles per second than he could throwing from just one stack. The barbarian alternates which hand throws, and damage is calculated depending on which weapon is used.

  • Receives Bonuses From:
  • Provides Bonuses To: None

Lore: To a Barbarian, fighting with two weapons is considered a fairly simple feat. Not so simple is mastering the art of throwing two weapons simultaneously and accurately. Many young Barbarians are eager to learn this skill, for they will tell you it is concrete proof that they have risen to greatness as a warrior. In truth, they use this skill in tavern games almost as often as they do in battle, winning wagers from unsuspecting drunkards.

If you are doing a dual-wielding Barb you'll need one point here as a pre-req for Frenzy. Even specializing in this skill you'll not need that many points, since they only add to your to/hit, not your damage. Max Throwing Mastery out first, since it adds damage and AR, then this if you need more accuracy.

Mana Cost: 2
Skill Level Progression [e]
Slvl AR +X%

Slvl AR +X%

Slvl AR +X%

Slvl AR +X%

1 20% 6 70% 11 120% 16 170%
2 30% 7 80% 12 130% 17 180%
3 40% 8 90% 13 140% 18 190%
4 50% 9 100% 14 150% 19 200%
5 60% 10 110% 15 160% 20 210%