Uber Duriel

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Uber Duriel:
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Uber Duriel is found in the Forgotten Sands, a level reached by red portal during the Pandemonium Event. He looks just like the Duriel encountered at the end of Act Two, but is substantially increased in hit points, damage, resistances, and more, and will provide a much greater challenge.

Uber Duriel regenerates hit points at twice the normal rate, and still possesses his usual charge attack, Holy Freeze Aura, and very fast melee attack. His second melee attack, when successful, has a 100% chance of dealing 40-50% bonus damage, with 1.2 seconds of stun time.


Statistics Defenses
  • Level: 110
  • Experience: 2,648,000
  • Hit Points: 650000-660000
  • Melee Attack #1:
    • Damage: 468-494
    • Attack Rating: 7185
  • Melee Attack #2:
    • Damage: 149-214
    • Attack Rating: 9798
  • Defense: 2520
  • to Block: 50%
  • Resistances:
    • to Physical: 50%
    • to Magic: 75%
    • to Fire: 75%
    • to Cold: 75%
    • to Lightning: 75%
    • to Poison: 75%
    • Immunities: None
  • Drain Effectiveness: 100
  • Chill Effectiveness: 20