Uber Izual

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Uber Izual:
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Uber Izual is found in the Furnace of Pain, one of the levels in the Pandemonium Event. He's a powered-up version of the regular Izual you encounter in Act Four, and in addition to his own boosted stats, Uber Izual spawns with numerous powerful minion demons, in a level identical to the various "Pits" levels reached through red portals from the surface areas in Act Five.

Uber Izual is tougher, does higher damage, and moves faster. In addition, can not be chilled or frozen, and has a new teleport skill, which he uses to escape, or especially to pop past the various meat shields, where he appears beside Sorceresses or Necromancers, who must keep on their toes to avoid this tactic.

Uber Izual's melee attack hits for physical damage, and adds heavy cold damage as well, +50-80% of the physical.

His skills:

  • Frost Nova
  • Chilling Armor
  • Teleport


Statistics Defenses
  • Level: 110
  • Experience: 3179200
  • Hit Points: 650000-660000
  • Offense:
    • Melee Attack #1: 455-520
      • Attack Rating: 13064
    • Melee Attack #2: 455-520
      • Attack Rating: 13064
  • Defense: 2520
  • to Block: 50%
  • Resistances:
    • to Physical: 30%
    • to Magic: 75%
    • to Fire: 75%
    • to Cold: 110%
    • to Lightning: 75
    • to Poison: 75
    • Immunities: Cold
    • Drain Effectiveness: 50
    • Chill Effectiveness: 25