The Magic Rock

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The Magic Rock quest is one of the simplest in the game. It simply requires you to find a meteorite and return it to Griswold. He will use it to make the Empyrean Band, a unique ring.

Magic Rock[edit]

  • Quest Name: Magic Rock
  • Triggered By: Entering the catacombs (level 5).
  • Frequency: Single player only; this quest occurs 2/3 of the time.
  • Given by: Griswold.
  • Location: Dungeon level 5.
  • Reward: Empyrean Band unique ring.

Empyrean Band
+2 to all Attributes
+20% Light Radius
Fast Hit Recovery
Absorbs Half of Trap Damage

This is about the easiest quest in the game. Find the magic rock on a table, take it back to Griswold, and he gives you a unique ring for your trouble.

When Griswold gives you the quest he spins a wild yarn about a sky rock that fell to earth and a caravan that carried it and monsters that ambushed them and stole it away. But when you actually find the meteorite, it's just sitting on a small table in the Catacombs. Unguarded.

It seems likely that this quest had more to it in the planning stages, but that somehow during the game development the complications were lost, and it's now a boring "retrieve for reward" exercise.

Strategy Tips[edit]

Don't miss the table with the dark rock in the dark catacombs. And um... be sure you've got a 2x2 inventory space clear. Tricky stuff, this.

Quest Dialogues[edit]



Stay for a moment - I have a story you might find interesting. A caravan that was bound for the Eastern Kingdoms passed through here some time ago. It was supposedly carrying a piece of the Heavens that had fallen to earth! The caravan was ambushed by cloaked riders just north of here along the roadway. I searched the wreckage for this sky rock, but it was nowhere to be found. If you should find it, I believe that I can fashion something useful from it.



The Heaven Stone is very powerful, and were it any but Griswold who bid you find it, I would prevent it. He will harness its powers and its use will be for the good of us all.


Griswold speaks of the Heaven Stone that was destined for the enclave located in the East. It was being taken there for further study. This stone glowed with an energy that somehow granted vision beyond that which a normal man could possess. I do not know what secrets it holds, my friend, but finding this stone would certainly prove most valuable.


I used to have a nice ring; it was a really expensive one, with blue and green and red and silver. Don't remember what happened to it, though. I really miss that ring...


Well, a caravan of some very important people did stop here, but that was quite a while ago. They had strange accents and were starting on a long journey, as I recall.
I don't see how you could hope to find anything that they would have been carrying.


I am still waiting for you to bring me that stone from the Heavens. I know that I can make something powerful out of it.


The caravan stopped here to take on some supplies for their journey to the east. I sold them quite an array of fresh fruits and some excellent sweetbreads that Garda had just finished baking. Shame what happened to them...


I don't know what it is that they thought they could see with that rock, but I will say this. If rocks are falling from the sky, you had better be careful!


If anyone can make something out of that rock, Griswold can. He knows what he is doing, and as much as I try to steal his customers, I respect the quality of his work.


Player (when picking up the Magic Rock)

This must be what Griswold wanted.



Let me see that - aye... aye, it is as I believed. Give me a moment...
Ah, here you are. I arranged pieces of the stone within a silver ring that my father left me. I hope it serves you well.