Warlord of Blood

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The Warlord of Blood quest only exists in single player mode, where most players bless it for its very lucrative rewards. The Warlord himself is a fearsome Steel Lord, one who has triple immunity even on normal difficulty, which can come as quite a surprise to a Sorcerer without Stone Curse.

The Warlord of Blood[edit]

  • Quest Name: Warlord of Bloood
  • Triggered By: Reading the Steel Tome
  • Frequency: Single player only, occurs in half the games.
  • Given by: The Steel Tome.
  • Location: Dungeon Level 13.
  • Reward: One magical sword, four random magical weapons, two random magical plate armors. (May be unique, but very rarely.)

The Warlord of Blood is always found guarding the stairs down to level 14. He and a number of other Steel Lords are in a box around the exit, along with four weapon and two armor stands. To gain access to the box you must find and read from the Steel Tome, which tells the lore of the Warlord, and causes the front wall of the box around his item depot to disappear.

When the player walks into sight of the Warlord, the game pauses for a moment while it loads his dialogue, so be ready to run, or click so you walk well past the box, so as not to be caught by computer lag.

There are four magical items and two magical suits of plate armor, all of random type and stats. Another random item comes when the Warlord of Blood drops his sword when he dies.

Strategy Tips[edit]

There will always be Steel Lords on level 13, along with the other one or two random monsters, when the Warlord quest is active.

It's not necessary to read the tome; a player with teleport can just pop over the wall, though this can be dangerous with all of the Steel Lord inside.

Easier is to use telekinesis to just grab the items over the wall.

The Warlord is one of the very few SuperUniques who are immune to fire, lightning and magic, on all difficulties. Sorcerers get to practice their "stone curse and whack" technique, and often summon a golem to speed things along. Or lure him away, or simply Chain Lightning his followers and then teleport past the Warlord, if they're not concerned with a full clear or with obtaining his weapon.


While the Vizjerei sorcerers had a long history of practicing the elemental magics, they are most notable for the two renegade magi, the brothers Horazon and Bartuc, who experimented with demonic magic that tore the Vizjerei apart. Bartuc, later known as the Warlord of Blood sought to ally himself with the forces of Evil while Horazon enslaved demons to his will. In the end Horazon realized they were both being duped by Evil and gathered his forces to kill Bartuc. The Vizjerei worked with the Priests of Rathma to ensure that Bartuc would not be able to rise again. Bartuc's head and body were separated and sealed into two different caves. Following this was the establishment of the Viz-Jaqtaar—also known as the Order of the Mage Slayers, or Assassins—who were to act against any magi who might achieve a similar depth of corruption.

The Warlord of Blood later appears in a self-titled quest below Tristam, while Bartuc later appears in the form of a Council Member as a minion of Baal at the end of Act V, so it is unsure whether either of these are the same as the original Bartuc.

During the time of Diablo's resurgence, Horazon was still thought to have been alive, though it was found to be a mere pretender—a Vizjerei sorcerer who had returned from Tristram and had been corrupted by the Arcane Sanctuary. Adventurers fought their way through the Arcance Sanctuary to discover the whereabouts of Tal Rasha's tomb. Instead of being greeted by Horazon himself, however, they discovered a dark impersonator. One of the Vizjerei sorcerers that attempted to save Tristram (the playable Sorcerer character from Diablo I) was corrupted and took on the mantle of The Summoner, but he was slain by the adventurers. Cain suggested that impersonator was pulled down to Hell by the forces of Evil after his death. Others suggest that it was Horazon's spirit that possessed the sorcerer. Horazon's final fate remains unknown.

Quest Dialogues[edit]


Steel Tome

The armories of Hell are home to the Warlord of Blood. In his wake lay the mutilated bodies of thousands. Angels and man alike have been cut down to fulfill his endless sacrifices to the Dark ones who scream for one thing - blood.



His prowess with the blade is awesome, and he has lived for thousands of years knowing only warfare. I am sorry... I can not see if you will defeat him.


I know of only one legend that speaks of such a warrior as you describe. His story is found within the ancient chronicles of the Sin War...
Stained by a thousand years of war, blood and death, the Warlord of Blood stands upon a mountain of his tattered victims. His dark blade screams a black curse to the living; a tortured invitation to any who would stand before this Executioner of Hell.
It is also written that although he was once a mortal who fought beside the Legion of Darkness during the Sin War, he lost his humanity to his insatiable hunger for blood.


Always you gotta talk about Blood? What about flowers, and sunshine, and that pretty girl that brings the drinks. Listen here, friend - you're obsessive, you know that?


If you are to battle such a fierce opponent, may Light be your guide and your defender. I will keep you in my thoughts.


Dark and wicked legends surrounds the one Warlord of Blood. Be well prepared, my friend, for he shows no mercy or quarter.


I am afraid that I haven't heard anything about such a vicious warrior, good master. I hope that you do not have to fight him, for he sounds extremely dangerous.


Cain would be able to tell you much more about something like this than I would ever wish to know.


I haven't ever dealt with this Warlord you speak of, but he sounds like he's going through a lot of swords. Wouldn't mind supplying his armies...


Warlord of Blood

My blade sings for your blood, mortal, and by my dark masters it shall not be denied.



Your reign of pain has ended.