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Gravediggers are Undead.

These malformed humanoid zombies shamble around the dungeon, carrying a shovel which they use to attack characters. They can also use the shovel to dig at the corpses of dead monsters, regenerating hit points at an accelerated rate while they dig. It's a cool trick and a fun animation to watch, but Gravediggers move so slowly they seldom get to engage in their tricks, unless the player allows them to do so.

  • There are no SuperUnique or boss Gravediggers in Hellfire.


  • Stats are listed by Normal / Nightmare / Hell difficulty levels.
  • MFL: Magic / Fire / Lightning.
    • I = Immune
    • R = Resistant (75%)
    • - = no resistance or immunity to that element
      • No monsters in Diablo or Hellfire have any physical resistance or immunity.
  • IntF = Intelligence Factor. Values are from 0-3; smarter monsters will pursue more doggedly, and the value is used in various calculations. Monsters that can Follow if you break the line of sight or open Doors are marked with F and D.


Dungeon Level Monster Level IntF Experience MFL
Gravedigger Crypt: 1 26 / 41 / 56 3 D - 2000 / 6000 / 12,000 --I . --I / RRI

Combat Stats[edit]

Gravediggers move very slowly and deal low damage, making them one of the less dangerous monsters in the Crypt.


Hit Points (HF, SP) Hit Points (HF, MP) AC To/Hit Damage
Gravedigger 60-120 / 230-410 / 340-580 120-240 / 460-820 / 680-1160 20 / 70 / 100 80 / 165 / 200 2-12 / 8-28 / 12-54

Movement Speed[edit]

Characters walk at 0.4 speed. See the Diablo Characters page other swing speeds, casting speeds, and other useful character speed break points.

  • Though Gravediggers have the slowest movement speed in the game, their hit recovery and the pause time between their attacks are among the quickest in the game.
  • Gravediggers can heal themselves at an accelerated rate while digging on a carcass, just as the Scavengers do. It's a fun animation to watch, even if it does these slow, low-damage monsters little good.


Walk time Dig Carcass Time Hit Recovery Time Attack Time Hit Time
Gravedigger 1.20 0.80 0.30 0.60 0.30