The Chamber of Bone

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The Chamber of Bone quest is found in every single player game of Diablo and Hellfire, but never in Multiplayer. The chamber is a separate dungeon level, reached from a stairway on level 6, and as the name suggests, it's simply overrun with skeletons, and a few other monsters as well.

Chamber of Bone[edit]

  • Quest Name: Chamber of Bone
  • Triggered By: Reading the Mythical Book found on level 6.
  • Frequency: Single player only, every game.
  • Given by: Mythical Book
  • Location: Sub-level reached via stairs up from dungeon level 6.
  • Reward: +1 spell level to the Guardian spell. Also, six magical items are found in two mega-chests on this level.

The Chamber of Bone is reached via a stairway leading up from level 6. Initially the stairway is inaccessible; blocked off by walls surrounding it. You must find the Mythical Book, located randomly somewhere on the level, and read it to remove the outer walls and gain access to the stairs (or you can teleport over). In addition to opening up the stairs, the Mythical Book has a nifty legend.

This quest is very useful for the +Guardian spell, since it's a useful spell, the books are expensive and rare, and non-Sorcerer characters can't get enough magic to read the spell books past about level 5. (Note that more points in Guardian simply extends the duration of the dragon heads; more points in Firebolt is what increases the Guardian's damage.)

Besides the Guardian spell, there are two chests in side rooms, each of which drop 3 magical items.

Strategy Tips[edit]

The large central room in the Chamber of Bone has the highest density of monsters anywhere in the entire game. There are at least 70 or 80 skeletons packed into the room, along with about a dozen Hidden. They are not powerful monsters, and have only a single doorway to exit through, so most characters are able to treat this like a bonus quest. Stay right at the doorway during the battle, even if you take hits, since the skeletons will otherwise pour forth like sand from a broken hourglass. It's wise to clear out the rest of the small level before taking on the large bone room too, just so no Hidden or Chargers will wander up behind you while you're engaged with the never-ending stream of skeletons.

Spells with splash or area effect are quite useful here. A single firewall can kill dozens of skeletons, and some well placed flame waves can take out the rest in short order. Also, be careful moving into the room; just standing in front of the doorway will not alert two rows of skeletons against each side wall, and an overly-rapid advance into the bone room can result in a surrounded hero.

Finally, it's helpful to grab the gold stacks that pop out next to you while the battle is going. Initially there is no room for any item to drop inside the tomb, since it's solid monsters. Grabbing the gold as it piles up beside you is easy, and it frees the space for another shower of gold to fall, saving you on pick up time afterwards.

The main room in the Chamber of Bone. Packed full 'o Horrors, it is.

Quest Dialogues[edit]


Mytical Book

Beyond the Hall of Heroes lies the Chamber of Bone. Eternal death awaits any who would seek to steal the treasures secured within this room. So speaks the Lord of Terror, and so it is written.



You will become an eternal servant of the Dark Lords should you perish within this cursed domain.
Enter the Chamber of Bone at your own peril.


A book that speaks of a chamber of human bones? Well, a Chamber of Bone is mentioned in certain archaic writings that I studied in the libraries of the East. These tomes inferred that when the Lords of the underworld desired to protect great treasures, they would create domains where those who died in the attempt to steal that treasure would be forever bound to defend it. A twisted, but strangely fitting, end?


Okay, so listen. There's this chamber of wood, see. And his wife, you know - her - tells the tree... cause you gotta wait. Then I says, that might work against him, but if you think I'm gonna PAY for this... you... uh... yeah.


I am afraid that I haven't heard anything about that. Perhaps Cain the Storyteller could be of some help.


I know nothing of this place, but you may try asking Cain. He talks about many things, and it would not surprise me if he had some answers to your question.


I am afraid that I don't know anything about that, good master. Cain has many books that may be of some help.


This sounds like a very dangerous place. If you venture there, please take great care.


A vast and mysterious treasure, you say? Maybe I could be interested in picking up a few things from you... or better yet, don't you need some rare and expensive supplies to get you through this ordeal?


Ancient Tome

Arcane knowledge gained!