Poisoned Water Supply

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The Poisoned Water Supply quest is found only in single player games of Diablo and Hellfire, and never in multiplayer games. The quest requires you to enter a sub level off of the second level of the dungeon and kill a variety of fallen and goatmen. The reward is the unique Ring of Truth.

Poisoned Water Supply[edit]

  • Quest Name: Poisoned Water Supply
  • Triggered By: Starting the game. If the water in the well is yellow when you first enter town, this quest is active in that game.
  • Frequency: Single player only. Half the time (this or The Skeleton King, but never both)
  • Given by: Pepin, after you first return from the dungeon.
  • Location: Sub level off of dungeon level 2.
  • Reward: The Ring of Truth unique ring (found only in single player).

Pepin the healer tells your character that the town's water supply is tainted, that it's making the townspeople ill, and that they don't have enough reserves to last much longer. You are charged with investigating the matter. Conveniently, you'll find a conspicuous doorway in the dungeon wall on the second level of the dungeon, labeled the Dark Passage.


Ring of Truth
+10 Hitpoints
-1 Damage from Enemies
+10% Resist All

Entering the passage takes you to a long, narrow cave-like level with a few branching forks. In the cave you will find a variety of Fallen, as well as several Goatmen. You must kill all of the monsters in the Dark Passage, not just the ones near the stream at the end of the level. When you do, heroic music sounds and the yellow stream turns blue.

When you return to town after clearing the Dark Passage, the water in the well is also blue, and when you speak with him Pepin surmises that the mere presence of the demons was enough to poison the water. He also rewards you for your efforts with a unique ring. Once identified, it is revealed to be the Ring of Truth, which should be a substantial upgrade over whichever (if any) rings your low level character has thus far obtained.

Strategy Tips[edit]

The quest is not complicated, but the goatmen in the Dark Passage are the highest level monsters yet encountered, and should be a challenge for a low level character.

The level itself adds to the difficulty, since it's narrow and quite linear. There is nowhere to run that's far enough to lose pursuing monsters, and there are no doorways to bottleneck the demons. Visibility can be a problem as well, since the cave walls do not go transparent when you are behind them, and it's hard to see your character or short enemies like Dark Ones when you are along the lower wall of this level. Advancing very cautiously is the key, since while one goatman can be an ordeal at this early stage in the game, two or three at once is a very dangerous situation.

Goatmen move erratically; closing in fairly quickly, but seldom advancing in a straight line, which makes them difficult for rogues or mages to fire at. Goatmen can string their hits fairly well, but pause and get confused if the target moves just out of reach. If you retreat with a ranged attacker, try to stay within two or three squares, so the goatman will pause, and then come straight at you. If you move further away than a few squares, they usually go back into their default advance, which will have them running all the way to a wall to your left or right, and bouncing back and forth.

Quest Dialogues[edit]



I'm glad I caught up to you in time! Our wells have become brackish and stagnant and some of the townspeople have become ill drinking from them. Our reserves of fresh water are quickly running dry. I believe that there is a passage that leads to the spring that serve our town. Please find what has caused this calamity, or we all will surely perish.



The people of Tristram will die if you cannot restore fresh water to their wells.
Know this - demons are at the heart of this matter, but they remain ignorant of what they have spawned.


Hmm, I don't know what I can really tell you about this that will be of any help. The water that fills our wells comes from an underground spring. I have heard of a tunnel that leads to a great lake - perhaps they are one and the same. Unfortunately, I do not know what would cause our water supply to be tainted.


You drink water?


My grandmother is very weak, and Garda says that we cannot drink the water from the wells. Please, can you do something to help us?


Pepin has told you the truth. We will need fresh water badly, and soon. I have tried to clear one of the smaller wells, but it reeks of stagnant filth. It must be getting clogged at the source.


I have always tried to keep a large supply of foodstuffs and drink in our storage cellar, but with the entire town having no source of fresh water, even our stores will soon run dry.
Please, do what you can or I don't know what we will do.


Please, you must hurry. Every hour that passes brings us closer to having no water to drink.
We cannot survive for long without your help.


For once, I'm with you. My business runs dry - so to speak - if I have no market to sell to. You better find out what is going on, and soon!



What's that you say - the mere presence of the demons had caused the water to become tainted? Oh, truly a great evil lurks beneath our town, but your perseverance and courage gives us hope. Please take this ring - perhaps it will aid you in the destruction of such vile creatures.