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This is the ingame help screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts[edit]

F1: Open Help Screen
Esc: Display Main Menu
Tab: Display Auto-map
Space: Hide all info screens
S: Open Speedbook
B: Open Spellbook
I: Open Inventory screen
C: Open Character screen
Q: Open Quest log
F: Reduce screen brightness
G: Increase screen brightness
Z: Zoom Game Screen
+ / -: Zoom Automap
1 - 8: Use Belt item
F5, F6, F7, F8: Set hot key for skill or spell
F9, F10, F11, F12: Multiplayer shouts

F9: I need help! Come Here!
F10: Follow me.
F11: Here's something for you...
F12: Now you DIE!

Shift + Left Click: Attack without moving


If you hold the mouse button down while moving, the character will continue to move in that direction.


Holding down the shift key and then left-clicking allows the character to attack without moving.


To access the auto-map, click the 'MAP' button on the Information Bar or press 'TAB' on the keyboard. Zooming in and out of the map is done with the + and - keys. Scrolling the map uses the arrow keys.

Picking up Objects[edit]

Useable items that are small in size, such as potions or scrolls, are automatically placed in your 'belt' located at the top of the Interface bar . When an item is placed in the belt, a small number appears in that box. Items may be used by either pressing the corresponding number or right-clicking on the item.


You can select a specific amount of gold to drop by right clicking on a pile of gold in your inventory.

Skills & Spells[edit]

You can access your list of skills and spells by left-clicking on the 'SPELLS' button in the interface bar. Memorized spells and those available through staffs are listed here. Left-clicking on the spell you wish to cast will ready the spell. A readied spell may be cast by simply right-clicking in the play area.

Using the Speedbook for Spells[edit]

Left-clicking on the 'readied spell' button will open the 'Speedbook' which allows you to select a skill or spell for immediate use. To use a readied skill or spell, simply right-click in the main play area.

Setting Spell Hotkeys[edit]

You can assign up to four Hot Keys for skills, spells or scrolls. Start by opening the 'Speedbook' as described in the section above. Press the F5, F6, F7 or F8 keys after highlighting the spell you wish to assign.

Spell Books[edit]

Reading more than one book increases your knowledge of that spell, allowing you to cast the spell more effectively.