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This page covers the town or Tristram as found in Diablo 1 and Hellfire. You may also be looking for:

The First Town[edit]

Tristram is the (only) town in Diablo 1 and Hellfire. All of the NPC merchants are found there, and all games begin there. Tristram has direct passages down to the various dungeon levels: the Church, Catacombs, Caves, and Hell, and adds entrances to the Hive and Crypt in Hellfire. Characters may also return through their town portals if they came to town through one.

Tristram always has the same layout in Diablo and Hellfire; it's not random at all. There are a few changes in Hellfire, with some added NPCs, as well as the bridge below town that leads to the Hive, and the altered graveyard with the new sepulcher that conceals the entrance to the Crypt.

Click the image below to see an awesome, enormous overhead view of Tristram, composed by piecing together hundreds of individual screenshots.

Tristram overhead view.


Video of Diablo I's Tristram.